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What You Need to Know

Important information about working with the Department of Justice (The Department).

Applicants may be considered for other suitable vacancies during the six months after a selection is made. Other requirements that will impact on your suitability for a position are listed below.

Eligibility for a position

For a Permanent appointment in the Department of Justice, you must be an;

  • Australian citizen, or
  • Permanent resident of Australia (as defined by the Commonwealth Immigration Act).

For an appointment on a casual or fixed term basis by the Department of the Justice, you must be an;

  • Australian citizen,
  • Permanent resident of Australia (as defined by the Commonwealth Immigration Act.), or
  • Hold a relevant work visa.

If you are not an Australian citizen or resident and don’t hold a work visa, you must obtain a work visa, at your own expense, before starting at the Department. For information about visas and associated immigration issues, go to the Department of Home Affairs website.

Overseas qualifications

If you have a qualification from an educational institution outside of Australia, you must obtain an assessment from an authorised skills recognition authority before starting work with the Department.

You are encouraged to get this documentation as soon as you can as it may take some time to arrange. The assessment is only required if your qualification is essential to the job you are applying for.


The Department recognises the purpose of section 50(d) under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 in the recruitment and selection of people from particular ethnicity as someone who can most effectively provide services to people of the same ethnicity.

For example, Aboriginality is a genuine requirement where a 50(d) position is reserved for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people and applicants must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (ATSI). Identity as ATSI and be recognised as such by the ATSI community.

Working with children check

A Working with Children Check is a mandatory requirement for certain positions at the Department which involve child-related work.

If a position is identified under section 6 of the Working with Children Act 2004 as ‘Child Related Work’ then applicants must have a current Working with Children Check or be able to successfully apply for one to be eligible for appointment to the position. You will need to produce a current valid Working with Children Card as required by law.

For more information, refer to the Working with Children website.

Employment Screening Check

Before being employed by the Department you will be required to have an employment screening check undertaken. This may include both a National Criminal History Check and a National Security Vetting Clearance. All successful applicants, including fixed–term contract and casuals, will be required to complete employment screening checks. All information is treated in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the Department's Employment Suitability - Criminal Record Check and Security Vetting Policy.

As part of the interview process you may be asked to complete a Criminal Record Check and Security Vetting Form and a National Police Checking Service Application Consent Form. You may also be asked to bring along to the interview original forms of identification as listed below (do not submit any original forms of identification as part of your application for a position).

An applicant must provide valid and current identification in one of the following combinations to the value of 100 points:

  • one form of identification from the List One plus the equivalent of 30 or more points from List two; or
  • 100 points entirely from List Two.

List 1

  • Australian Passport (70 pts)
  • Birth Certificate (70 pts)
  • Citizenship Certificate (70 pts)
  • Current overseas passport with Australian entry permit (70 pts).

List 2

  • Australian Driver's License (40 points)
  • Australia Firearms license with photo (40 pts)
  • Proof of age card (40 pts)
  • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affair card (40 pts)
  • Defence/ Police Service photo ID card (40 pts)
  • DIAC Certificate of Residence status (40 pts)
  • Credit or debit card (if issued from the same financial institution only one may be counted) (25 pts)
  • Taxation assessment notice (25 pts)
  • Medicare card (25 pts)
  • Tertiary education student ID card (40 pts)
  • Security Guard/Crowd Control License (40 pts)
  • Taxation assessment notice (25 pts)
  • Records from a public utility (25 pts)
  • Professional or trade association membership card (25 pts).

Applicants who have been resident overseas in the five years prior to their application will require an overseas national police certificate. The overseas national police certificate must be dated no earlier than twelve months prior to the applicant's last departure from their overseas country of residence.

Last updated: 24-Jan-2019

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