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Submitting an Application

What to submit

Your application needs to demonstrate your experience, skills, knowledge and abilities which will relate to the work-related requirements as described in the job description form or advertisement.

The ‘how to apply’ sections in the job advertisement that you viewed online or in the newspaper, will describe what you need to include in your application. Each position has their own set of requirements so remember to check the job advertisement for all instructions.

Sometimes the selection panel may want you to address the essential work-related requirements of the position, found in the job description form. In these cases you need to provide sufficient information to convince the panel that you can meet these requirements. As a guide, you should provide no more than one page of information for each essential work related requirement.

On other occasions the selection panel may want you to only answer some questions listed in the advertisement or only submit a resume and application form.

Application form

When you apply online an application form is provided at the start of the electronic process. You will need to complete this form which also allows you to attach your resume and written responses to the work-related requirements (if applicable).

If you are applying through the post you will need to download the "Application for Vacancy" form in PDF format.


You will need to include a detailed resume outlining your relevant personal information, education (and qualifications) as well as your employment history as it relates to the work-related requirements (selection criteria).

Your resume should include:

  • personal details
  • a summary of your work history starting with your most recent position and including dates and details of duties
  • education and training achievements, including current training
  • any activities that you have undertaken outside of work that may be relevant
  • details of two referees.


Nominate the names and contact details of at least two referees in your resume. Select referees who have current knowledge of your relevant skills and abilities and are able to comment on your work experience. We recommend that you contact your referees prior to applying for the position. If you have concerns about advising your current employer of your application, please notify the contact person in the advertisement.

Visit preparing your resume for more information.

Addressing work-related requirements (selection criteria)

Some positions need a separate written response to work-related requirements. These are the education, knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the role and are in the Job Description Form.

The 'how to apply' section in the job ad asks you to submit a resume and how you need to respond to some, or all of the work-related requirements.

As a rule, your responses should be around half to one page maximum.

Your resume and response to the work-related requirements (if requested) and other written application information requested by the selection panel is the most important part of your application. These will be used to assess your competitiveness for the position.

Other documents

For some positions you may need to submit other documents such as copies of your qualifications. These will usually be required at the interview stage of the recruitment process and the Department will ask to sight the originals.

It is highly recommended that you only supply copies of original documents with your application, to avoid loss or damage to originals.

Last updated: 16-Apr-2019

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