Resume Guide and Tips

When preparing your resume:

Choose your words carefully. Include only relevant information - refer to the job description or application information, what are the selection panel looking for.

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Resume format

Gathering the information

The following information should be contained in your resume:

Only include outside interests that demonstrate skills, knowledge and experience that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Personal Details

Supplementary information

This information is optional and you can choose to you some, all or not use them at all.

Career History

Always list your work history in reverse chronological order. Start from the current and move backwards.

Employment summary/work history/career history

In developing your career history it is vitally important to state your competencies in a clear coherent way that can be understood by the reader and ensure the employment history relates to the job requirements.

List your achievements in measurable terms and be specific.

Use actions words like “managed”, “revised”, “designed” etc.

Competencies are made up of your:


If applicable, provide details of any qualification you hold, the institution you received it from and date you completed it. You may also want to include details of any current studies.

Study and qualification/s

Training and professional development (specialist skills)

Be clear and concise, with training and development information.

You can also include details or a summary of other additional skills such as details of your proficiency in computing applications.

General information

You may like to highlight certain experience or details of other additional skills you may possess such as public speaking. You can also list any activities you have undertaken outside of work which are relevant to the position you are applying for such as voluntary work.

Professional membership

If your chosen career requires membership to or has a professional governing body you may decide to provide details of your membership.


Referees should be contacted for approval before listing them in your application. It is preferable to include a recent line manager/supervisor. The advertisement or the selection panel may ask for specific referees such as your current manager, a client, a person that you supervise depending on the position you are applying for.

You may wish to attach other relevant information, such as, letters of commendation, awards or certificates. However, think carefully about what you need to attach on your Resume. If you are invited for an interview you may wish to bring copies of these documents with you.

Last updated: 4-Dec-2017

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