Our Principles and Values

We support the following values for our Department.

Excellent service - Our client groups have varied service needs. We strive to achieve and maintain credible and professional services to diverse client groups. This is achieved through effective communication and by making services relevant, responsive, accessible, accurate and fair.

Integrity and accountability - We are open, honest, impartial and ethical in our communications and decisions. We take responsibility for our behaviours, which are governed by the legal system, agreed standards and codes.

Equity and fairness - We respect diversity and know that we sometimes have to treat our staff, the community and client groups differently to reach fair outcomes.

Collaboration and learning - Our people take pride in their work and the value they contribute to the Department. We recognise the knowledge and skills of our people and support their continuous learning and development.

Professional autonomy - We respect the differing professional attributes that are developed and nurtured in our business areas and the rights of our people to provide objective, frank and fearless advice to their clients and the community.

The Department of Justice Code of Conduct aims to encompass the principles and values outlined above, which are expected of all staff. The Code clearly outlines the ethical principles, obligations and standards of behaviour that apply when working for the Department.

In addition, we are committed to demonstrating through our work and service to the community, the principles in the Public Sector Code of Ethics:

Personal integrity - We act with care and diligence and make decisions that are honest, fair, impartial and timely, and consider all relevant information.

Relationships with others - We treat people with respect, courtesy and sensitivity and recognise their interests, rights, safety and welfare.

Accountability - We use the resources of the State in a responsible and accountable manner which ensures the efficient, effective and appropriate use of human, natural, financial and physical resources, property and information.

Last updated: 24-Jan-2019

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