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Our Approach

Our services have the potential to affect almost all Western Australians. As such, we work hard to ensure effective:

  • assistance and infrastructure for the community and judiciary that enables cases to be progressed, orders to be enforced and victims to be supported and counselled
  • access to accurate, permanent and confidential records of births, deaths and marriages by the community and Government
  • legal advice and legislative preparation services are available to help Government service the community
  • protection for people with decision-making disabilities
  • equitable access to trustee services
  • strategic corporate support for the achievement of business objectives within the frameworks of Government
  • strategic policy advice to Government on justice, law and order issues; and
  • Departmental services appropriate to the needs of the diverse population of the State.

We also lead and influence justice reform and strategic policy development for the State. We do this professionally by collaborating internally and with other agencies to efficiently and effectively make our services accessible, timely and relevant to the needs of our client community groups.

We are continuously improving our services to understand and meet client and community needs in a way that reflects their geographic, cultural and demographic diversity.

This includes developing better mechanisms for resolving justice issues, cross-government cooperation that supports better justice outcomes, and developing more efficient business processes and integrated systems.

Last updated: 1-Sep-2015

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