Commissioner for Victims of Crime

The Commissioner for Victims of Crime has particular responsibility to ensure that both members of the public and government agencies are aware of the Victims of Crime Act 1994 and of their corresponding rights and responsibilities under that Act.

The Commissioner:

New Family Violence Laws for Western Australia

On 1 July 2017, a new category of Restraining Order specifically to deal with family violence came into operation in Western Australia:  the Family Violence Restraining Order. 

More information about the new restraining orders legislation can be found by watching the newly-produced infographic below or by reading the new legislation at

National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

In the past, restraining orders that relate to family and domestic violence only applied in the state or territory in which they were issued or registered. This has changed. On 25 November 2017, the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme commenced. From this date, every new family violence restraining order and police order will be automatically recognised and enforceable across Australia. This eliminates the need for the victim to go to a court and register their order, and means that the order can be enforced by local police no matter where in Australia the victim and perpetrator are located.

What do I need to do?

If your order was issued on or after 25 November 2017, it is automatically recognised and enforceable across Australia without the need for you to take any further action.

If your order was issued before 25 November 2017, you can choose to have your order nationally recognised so that you are protected across Australia. You can do this by applying to a Magistrates Court. If you are not planning to travel to or live within another state or territory, you may choose not to declare your order. You will remain protected in WA.

For more information, visit

Videos for victims of crime

A new community education initiative comprises a series of videos to provide information to victims of crime to assist them navigate the criminal justice system. The first three videos completed include:

Your Voice: Overview

This video provides information to assist victims of crime understand how they could be involved in the criminal justice system and support services they can access. It explains the standards of treatment victims of crime can rightly expect in accordance with the guidelines of the Victims of Crime Act 1994.

Your Voice: Victim Impact Statement

A Victim Impact Statement (VIS) tells the judge or magistrate about how a crime has affected you. It may be taken into account when the offender is sentenced. This video includes information about a VIS, when they are required, who can write one and what could be considered for inclusion.

Your Voice: Children and Adolescent Witnesses

Young people are often witnesses in court proceedings. This video has been developed to assist young victims of crime, and other young people, prepare to give evidence in Court.

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Victim Support and Child Witness Service

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