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Research Application and Advisory Committee

The Department of Justice (DoJ) encourages researchers, students, and academics to conduct research that informs DotAG’s practice and policy development according to its strategic priorities.

Before conducting research that involves access to DoJ data, facilities, staff, and/or clients, you must receive approval from the Research Application and Advisory Committee (RAAC). This is the committee in DotAG which considers, coordinates and monitors requests to undertake research or requests for data for research and analysis purposes.

The role of the RAAC is to consider student and researcher requests to ensure they meet the following requirements:

The information available on this page will help you to prepare your RAAC application.

Enquiries should be made to

How to apply

Expression of interest

Before you start the application process it is recommended that you contact the RAAC to express your interest in undertaking a research project. The RAAC will be able to provide advice on you proposed project and assist you with the application.

Enquiries should be made to

Information and other guidelines

Before you begin your application it is also strongly recommended that you read the Information and Guidelines and the Code of Conduct and Declaration. These outline the specific processes, standards and considerations of the RAAC, and will assist you to prepare an appropriate application that meets all of the criteria required by the RAAC.

Application form

Download and complete the RAAC Application Form.

Your research application should contain a detailed rationale for the project. It should include information about the selection and size of the sample, the practical implementation, participant consent forms, and data protection etc. You should include copies of any information sheets, consent forms, surveys and interview schedules.

Completed application forms should be emailed to

Code of conduct and declaration

It is a Departmental requirement that researchers agree to the conditions specified in the RAAC Code of Conduct and Declaration prior to commencing their research.

The RAAC Code of Conduct should be signed and emailed to

RAAC Meetings

RAAC meetings are held monthly, with dates scheduled depending on applications received. Please e-mail to discuss the timing of any applications.

Online resources for researchers and students

The Department produces a range of reports, publications and statistics that are accessible from the DotAG Reports and Publications webpage. The information contained in these reports may assist you to develop your application. Other online resources that may assist you are also identified below.

Former Department of the Attorney General (WA) reports, publications and statistics

Ethical conduct in research

Western Australian Government Departments: Justice related

Australian Government Departments: Justice and research related

Research, information and statistics

Western Australia

Other jurisdictions

Key topics: Web based resources

Aboriginal Justice

Family Violence

Victim Support

Drug and Alcohol Information

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